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The Difference Between Consumer, Prosumer, and Professional-Grade AV Tech

By Kyle Glass

The Power of Professional AV Technology in a Consumer World

In a world where AV technology is an integral part of successful business operations, picking the right technology can be overwhelming. The choices range from professional-grade to prosumer-grade to consumer-grade AV, and it’s essential to understand the difference. Why? Because making the right choice will ultimately save you time and money.

Let’s start with some definitions:

Consumer-grade AV technology is readily available at big box stores and online. These devices cater to the average consumer’s needs, from streaming content on your TV to making video calls. This technology lacks advanced features. Businesses will also find other limitations. For example, consumer-grade AV is not created with durability in mind. It may overheat or wear out quickly with continuous use. Another limitation with consumer-grade tech: it is not designed to work with other technology. Scaling up your AV system is not easy, and sometimes impossible, when you have consumer-grade AV tech.

Prosumer-grade AV technology is, as the name suggests, a hybrid of consumer and professional gear. The most common type of prosumer tech is displays and projectors and can typically be purchased online or from a business that specializes in home AV. While this category balances affordability and enhanced features, prosumer products can have issues for businesses. For instance, these types of AV tech are sometimes not warrantied when installed in a commercial environment. Prosumer AV systems also don’t always allow control with Creston or Q-SYS control systems. Finally, just like consumer-grade, prosumer AV will not last as long as most businesses need or want.

Professional-grade AV technology represents the pinnacle of quality, performance and reliability. It is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of around-the-clock use, broadcasting, event production and corporate environments. Professional-grade tech’s biggest benefit is that it integrates with other technology to work as an ecosystem. It’s also known for its top-quality image and sound quality, durability and advanced customized options. This technology is also built to excel in high-stakes scenarios, where performance cannot falter.

While the idea of professional-grade AV technology may seem overwhelming, there are some compelling reasons to consider it. 

  1. Professional-grade AV tech should be the choice when excellence is non-negotiable. When you need your content to shine, be it a high-stakes corporate presentation or global virtual outreach, professional-grade cameras offer image sensors, superior lenses and image stabilization technology which results in exceptional clarity and image quality. Professional-grade microphones, speakers and sound processing equipment are designed to capture and reproduce sound with precision and accuracy.
  2. Professional-grade AV equipment is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use. For example, in corporate boardrooms, video conferencing systems must be dependable for crucial meetings, and in event production, audio equipment should be resilient during live performances. A consumer-grade TV cannot work like a professional-grade display, which is designed to withstand being on for long periods of time. Consumer-grade systems are not typically designed with the same level of durability.
  3. Professional-grade AV technology offers user-friendly integration. Every business and organization has unique needs, and professional-grade AV can conform to those specific needs. Need to easily control a meeting with audio and cameras? Professional-grade can do that. Want to incorporate sound and lighting systems too? Professional-grade AV offers integration that makes your tech easier than ever to use, with the ability to launch it all with a one-touch button.

It’s also scalable, so if you need to expand your system in the future, it’s possible with professional-grade AV. This ability is rarely available in consumer or prosumer-grade equipment, which is often designed for ease of use rather than customization.

Deciding to install professional-grade AV technology will not only ensure exceptional quality but it also reflects your commitment to being efficient and saving time, both for your employees and your clients.

It’s important to note that professional-grade AV technology is an investment. But the investment will stand the test of time with its durable quality. Buying consumer-grade AV technology and expecting it to perform like a professional grade equipment is like purchasing a bicycle and hoping it will transport you as quickly and comfortably as a luxury sports car. While both serve their purpose, the experience and capabilities are worlds apart.

Another part of the investment is the partnership you’ll gain when working with Cory’s. Cory’s is committed to helping you get the right technology for your budget and installing your new AV with precision and expertise. Before we turn the system over to you, we’ll make sure you have the proper training and our phone number. As a local company in Oklahoma City. Cory’s is just a phone call away if you ever have issues or questions with your AV technology. And that’s not something you’ll get if you buy from the big box stores.

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