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General Questions

What makes Cory’s different than other audio visual companies?

We certainly have a different approach to selling audio visual technology to our clients. Rather than focusing on equipment, our team builds solutions based on clients’ goals. We know audio visual technology is an important part of the success at a place of business, therefore, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

Relationships and our clients’ success is at the heart of every decision we make– not profit margins. Our team is also the most experienced in the region. Since 1953, we have provided audio visual support to some of Oklahoma’s best businesses, venues, and more. In addition, our team often travels outside the area for events, installations, and service.

How can the Cory’s team help me stay within my strict budget without sacrificing quality?

Because our team is goal-oriented, the purpose of the installation or event is the focus of all conversations you will have with our team. By focusing on your goals, our team can ensure the solutions most-key to reaching your goal within a budget.

What can my business do about supply chain headaches?

Supply chain issues are causing wait lists for projects across the world. While Cory’s strives to find innovative solutions that help our clients meet their goals and their deadlines, sometimes the technology we recommend can cause delays. More about how we combat these issues on our blog.

An option for many businesses like churches, nonprofits, live music venues, and more is leasing! Our vast production inventory is available for long-term leasing. Because we already have one of the largest production inventories in Oklahoma, our team is ready to provide solutions as soon as you need them.

Does Cory’s work outside of Oklahoma?

Yes! We produce events outside of Oklahoma.

Does Cory’s do residential or car installations?

Cory’s installs integrated audio visual technology for businesses like office buildings, event venues, churches, and more. However, our team does not focus on home or car installations. In addition, our team does not install security cameras.

For reference, here is a list of services we do not do at Cory’s:

Residential installations for home entertainment
Vehicle installations
Security systems
Phone systems
Networking assistance
DJ services
Burning VHS and slide reels to DVDs

If Cory’s didn’t install my technology, can you still fix it?

Yes! Our job is to make your job easier. If you are experiencing communication barriers due to poor technology performance, our service team can help provide a solution, even if we didn’t install the system.

How does Cory’s ensure safety on the job site?

Our team takes safety seriously. In a world where hundreds or thousands of pounds of technology and rigging can hang overhead, our team is well-versed in the best practices to ensure audience safety. Our team hosts ETCP-certified riggers who ensure precise and safe rigging. In addition, our team hosts weekly safety meetings and follow the industry’s best practices and safety standards.We don’t do it because it is the easy way, we do it because it is important.

I am looking for the cheapest audio visual option. Can you help?

While our prices are competitive, we are not aiming to be the cheapest option. Our team focuses on providing the most solid solution for your event or for your permanent installations. By focusing on your business goals, a well-rounded solution can also match your budget.

Are your prices listed on your website?

Our solutions are always custom-built to match your goals, challenges, and circumstances. Whether planning an event or wanting to install a new conference room, our prices are determined by the level of complexity, labor, venue, and more. For information on pricing, please give us a call.

Who is Cory?

Despite common belief, there is not a person with the first name Cory on our staff. Cory is actually the last name. A member of the Cory family has owned our company since 1953, including two of our current owners Brad Poarch and John Cory.

I want to buy technology, like a microphone, and install it myself. How can you help?

Our experts can point you in the right direction of what technology will create the best, lasting solution for your business. In addition, our relationships with manufacturers and industry alliances like PSNI, enable our team to have the buying power to purchase technology for our clients, often for less than they can find it on Amazon or other websites.

Do you do more for events than just audio visual?

Yes! We also offer creative services for graphics, video production, scripting, onsite direction, stage management, and more. We know events can be stressful. With so many other things to think about on event day, some of our clients are looking for one trusted point of contact between vendors to help set up a room (pipe and drape, stages, decor, etc.) and more. Our team can help coordinate with Cory’s trusted partners to streamline communication for your event, sometimes even saving you money.

Is there a showroom where I can see the latest technology in action?

While we don’t have a showroom, we are always hosting demos for some of the latest and greatest technology available to help your business. Schedule your demo today.

Cory's Live

I need additional technology for my event, but don’t know how to work it.

It is a good thing you are here! As Oklahoma’s most-experienced audio visual team, our professionals can help you during the setup, during the event, and even after your event. Our team of pros is ready to hear about your event and how they can help. Contact us.

What if I don’t know what kind of audio visual technology I need?

You have come to the right place. Whether you are well-versed in audio visual technology or don’t “speak tech,” our team has a wide variety of experience to help you. By just knowing the basics of your event (where, when, and your goals), our team knows what you need to accomplish your event’s purpose. Let’s talk about your next project.

If I already have audio visual technology, but need help running it, can you help?

Of course! We can help provide the peace of mind knowing that a dedicated professional has your back on the big day. Our team is well-versed in a range of audio visual technology and will ensure your event runs smoothly.

How do I know that I need onsite help at an event?

All around us there are people with varying tech skill levels. We have a checklist to help you determine if you need onsite help:

  • How important is seeing and hearing your message? If the answer is that it is important, then having someone who can ensure your audience connects with your message without obstacles is key.
  • Will your event be fast-paced? Having a technician available may help to reduce stress levels on the big day while allowing you to manage other aspects of the event.
  • Are you prepared for hiccups? Let’s face it, sometimes technology can cause pauses and disruptions. If your event cannot afford a distraction in delivering your desired message, a technician can ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.
  • What is your budget? Technicians can be affordable based on the priorities of your event. If delivering an important message is your goal, your event’s audio visual budget can be adjusted to ensure your audience sees and hears.
  • How complex is the audio visual? Some of our high-level technology requires one of the technicians to accompany it to events.

To ask our team of experts if you need someone to help at your event, contact us today.

What should I know before calling Cory’s about my upcoming event?

Because the world of event planning is ever-changing, our team is very flexible. In order to have the most efficient and productive conversation about your event, at minimum our team will want to know the date (or potential dates) of your event and where it will be held, if possible. Because helping you reach your event goals is paramount to our daily work, our team of event pros can help guide your audio visual plans much more easily with information upfront. For example:

6-9 months+ – Date, venue (if possible)

3-6 months+ – Approximate number of attendees, event goals

3 months or less – Details surrounding types of content being used, number of presenters, kinds of entertainment, specific activities, room layout, rough agenda

How do you ensure the quality of the technology going to my event?

Our team has team members specifically dedicated to the quality of incoming and outgoing pieces of technology. They test and assess everything coming in or going out to your event. Cory’s also buys the best in audio visual technology from trusted manufacturers who often provide quality warranties and training for their technology.

Do you have a list of technology I can rent from Cory’s?

The world of technology changes every day. Cory’s has an inventory of thousands of pieces of technology to help you reach your communication goals. The best part is what we rent to our clients is also what we use for live events, ensuring our clients are working with the best and thoroughly tested technology. From screens, projectors, cameras, and microphones, laptops, LED displays, PA systems, and more, we have what you need for your next event. Ask us about a specific technology here.

Do I need to pick up rented technology or can I pay you to set it up for me?

Our team is ready to help you set up rental technology anytime you need help. Most of our inventory is also available for pick up if you feel confident enough set it up on your own. Get started here.

What information do I need before calling Cory’s about rental needs?

Our rental team knows how to quickly provide rental technology when you need it most. If you need audio visual technology without a technician, our team would love to know the following:

  • The date of the event
  • The venue you are using
  • The times you will need the technology
  • Whether or not you want to pick it up or have our team set it up for you
  • Of course, a little bit of information about your event’s purpose can help as well!

The ideal lead time for the Cory’s rental team is about a week, but we can help you as long as the event is 24+ hours away. Our team will need 1-2 hours to set up any rental technology for delivery, set up, and testing.

In preparing content for my event, what are some things to keep in mind?

The most common content advice we give to our clients surrounds aspect ratio. Most screens these days use a 16:9 (or widescreen) ratio, which means presentations should be set with that ratio from the beginning if you want to maximize screen real estate.

It is also important for you to communicate with your audio visual provider the use of specific fonts or videos being used in your presentation so it looks its best.

It is always best to provide your audio visual provider with your content days before the event so it can be tested.

Another helpful tip is to always have a backup of your presentation and other content handy, just in case.

Do you make recommendations for venues, vendors, and event planners?

Our team has seen it all in our 70+ year history and has worked in the vast majority of event spaces in central Oklahoma. Whether you’re looking for recommendations about who can help you or are looking for the best partner to help with other aspects of your event, we are happy to help have those conversations from the start.

Cory’s also maintains five partner properties with full-time audio visual support and the highest audio visual standards including Embassy Suites Downtown OKC, Embassy Suites NW OKC, Delta Hotels Reed Center, Champion Event Center, and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

What is IMAG?

IMAG (image magnification) is probably the most confusing audio visual term for our clients. IMAG is an abbreviation for the technology used to display a camera feed onto projection screens. This is incredibly helpful for an audience seated in a large room to see presenters or entertainment close up without having to sit in the front row.

Cory's Onsite

If Cory’s didn’t install my technology, can they still fix it?

Yes! Our job is to make your job easier. If you are experiencing communication barriers due to poor technology performance, our service team can help provide a solution, even if we didn’t install the system. Contact our service experts for help.

When do I know I need a new system versus just a repair?

Rest assured, phone calls are free. Our team is here to help you by walking you through the issues you are having, evaluating technology performance, balancing your goals with your budget, and passing along recommendations. There are no stupid questions or concerns for our service team who will provide honest feedback, even if it means just a free phone call.

Our team prides themselves on exploring various options. Depending on your system’s age, performance, and your business goals, our team will help guide you to make the best financial decision for your needs.

What kind of audio visual technology will Cory’s service or repair?

Audio Visual technology for businesses, venues, churches, schools, and other commercial uses is what we sell, service, and rent. To be specific, Cory’s services:

  • digital displays
  • microphones
  • speakers
  • PA systems
  • soundboards
  • projection systems
  • screens
  • cables
  • video systems (with the exception of security cameras)
  • conference rooms, and more

If your technology is being used to communicate, it is likely that we can help. Cory’s does not service phones, security systems, and IT network issues.

I need training on technology that already exists at my place of business. Can you help?

Our team is more than qualified to help you make the most of your existing systems. Audio visual doesn’t have be complicated, and our team can make it a little easier to get your technology working FOR you rather than against you.

If Cory’s installed my system, can I get free service calls?

Yes, you can! We believe in solid solutions. With every install, a craftsmanship warranty is automatically included in the work done by our crew. Beyond that, we offer service agreements that can help keep your system proactively maintained and updated. More on our service agreements here.

What are some steps I can take before calling the Cory’s service department?

When technology breaks, it can bring business to a halt. Our job is to keep your system running to avoid missed opportunities for your business. Typically, our service professionals will ask a series of basic questions when answering a service call. Here is their checklist:

  • Are all power cables connected to the source and the technology?
  • Are all the pieces of technology turned on?
  • Has something changed recently? (For example, did your network recently have an update? Are there renovations happening nearby? Has the room faced environmental changes?)

Addressing this list can help speed along the service technician’s response to your problem to get you back up and running.

Cory's Spaces

When building a new project, when is it best to bring in an audio visual provider?

If your new space will rely on audio visual technology like a bar, restaurant, office building, and more, then your preferred audio visual integrator should be at the table with you from the beginning. Many audio visual installation issues can be solved by having at least a preliminary design before construction starts. Check out our recent blog on the benefits of bringing in audio visual early.

Can Cory’s help me add technology to existing systems?

If you budget doesn’t allow for a complete new system, our team of engineers and installers can help integrate new technology with your existing technology. For example, if your projection system is causing issues, but your screen still looks great, we can help make it work!

How do I start the process of installing new integrated systems?

The process of getting a quote or proposal begins with contacting us. Our experts will chat with you about your next project. From there, our engineers come up with a plan to get you a more accurate estimate. Start here.

How long does it take to get AV systems installed?

Typically, our team can begin installing your system within 4-6 weeks pending the shipment of technology and the flexibility of our installation schedule. Of course, there can also be exceptions.

Is Cory’s an Oklahoma state contract provider?

Yes. If you work for a state agency, the state of Oklahoma has vetted and approved our work and price guarantees. Because we are a state contract provider, our clients spend less time looking for the right provider.

How can my organization have a more-permanent solution without a potentially heavy capital expense?

Leasing is a great way to spread out the costs of business-essential production technology. Leasing agreements allow business to reach audiences with cutting-edge technology as an operational expense rather than a capital expense. We have more about the financial benefits of leasing on our blog.

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