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Property Development & AV — So Much More More Than Price

By Abby Wolfe

We aren’t going to sugar-coat it. Too many subcontractors, like audio visual companies, are focusing on the wrong thing. Usually that focus zeroes in on two things– prices and widgets.

What property developers may not tell you is that attention should (sometimes) be turned elsewhere. 

A day in the life of a developer centers around creating value for their tenants, potential tenants, and the property as a whole. Understanding that added value is unique for each tenant and each property is a good place to start. 

At Cory’s, this is what that support looks like to our property development friends:


Technology systems shouldn’t just function and or be limited to only serving a purpose in the functionality of the restaurant, bar, office space, event venue, retail space, or other application. It should add value to the business. 

“Looking at the business model of the individual tenants to understand their customers is where an audio visual provider can shine to help bring in more traffic and business,” said Senior Vice President of Cory’s Britt Gotcher. 

Service quality

Too many subcontractors are focused on the sale and the installation and not focusing on what happens after the construction dust settles. The mark of a good partner lies in the quality of maintenance, response time, maintenance agreements, and the billing of the aftermath. 

In an ideal world, maintenance agreements are there to protect your investment, but what often happens is they become a way to nickel and dime or hinder progress for the tenants. 

“Especially for those tenants whose business revolve around the audio visual systems we are providing, it is imperative that emergencies are treated as such,” said Gotcher. “A company like Cory’s focuses on response time and getting those businesses back up and running without the loss of revenue or traffic.”


Many subcontractors return to developments because of one thing– their relationship with the developer. Plain and simple, those subcontractors have learned the value of mutual benefits and loyalty to the same cause. 

“Our developer partners are so much more than just clients. These relationships work seamlessly to enable our team to share potential projects and keep a pulse on the industry together,” said Gotcher. “That kind of loyalty and servant friendships are far more valuable than those who just simply purchase the most expensive systems.”

Understanding a property management or development company’s goals and pain points is where a subcontractor like an audio visual provider can help add value to their business model and that of their tenants. 

If you need a subcontractor with experience in more than just price and widgets, the team at Cory’s is here to help with your next project. 

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