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Mercy Health Gala 2023

Mercy Health Gala

When the Mercy Health Foundation in Oklahoma City hosts a gala, they have two goals. The first is raising money for the critical work of their various departments. The second is to give their guests an experience to remember.

In 2023, the health professionals and donors for Mercy gathered at the Omni Oklahoma City Hotel to support Gastroenterology efforts. What’s more, is the brilliant team at the foundation also brought an excellent theme and performances to life for “The Greatest Show.”


When an event combines a serious subject matter like medicine with action-packed entertainment and performances, there is a delicate balance between too much and direct impact. 

>With the nature of the event, the Mercy Health Foundation needed to turn on the “showbiz dazzle” into fundraising dollars. From a technical standpoint, the team at Cory’s needed to execute both somber, serious moments alongside full Broadway-esque performances and a 13-piece, high-energy band. 


Our creative and production teams began planning around the theme of “vintage circus” to coincide with the musical The Greatest Show. Multiple drawings were designed to produced a special stage set including a uniquely-framed LED wall with grand draping. The LED wall’s bright and bold content, designed by Cory’s, acted as both a backdrop to the event as well as integrated into specific live performances. Graphic production included motion animations, still graphics, video, lower thirds, and more. 

The team at Cory’s also provided scripting and onsite direction for the event which included clear technical cues and verbal direction to both the technical team, stage management team, and the talent. 

The show included carefully designed lighting with stage wash, intelligent lighting fixtures, up lights, moving lights, and large spotlights. Multiple camera angles captured the performances and audience. Custom voice overs helped guide the audience throughout the evening and a custom music package helped to add to the theme and excitement. In fact, custom music was key in navigating the delicate balance between the seriousness of the fundraising and the fun of the theme. 


The gala was flawless! In one night, 550 people raised nearly $500,000 for the gastrointestinal efforts by the Mercy Health team, helping to add more potential services and testing. 

Performances captured the audience, who sat in awe of the talent from Oklahoma City University and danced the night away to the Emerald City Band. With each chapter of the event, the audience saw bold, bright imagery and lighting design adding to each moment. With each moment, Mercy Health Foundation was raising money and celebrating their accomplishments– a win-win for everyone in attendance!

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