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Elevate Your Hotel’s Guest Experience with an In-House AV Partner: Here’s Why You Should Choose Cory’s

By Micha Krodel

When it comes to delivering an exceptional experience to your hotel guests—whether it’s for meetings, conferences, or social events—the right AV setup is pivotal. But managing this aspect can often be overwhelming. That’s where Cory’s Onsite comes into the picture.

We have many reasons why a partnership with us as your in-house AV provider is the competitive advantage your hotel needs.

Unparalleled Service: We’re Invested in Your Success

At Cory’s, your success is our success. Our brand of client service is one of a kind, built on a 70-year reputation for quality and reliability. We’re not just a vendor; we’re a partner invested in delivering exceptional experiences that leave your guests impressed and satisfied.

Flexibility is Just a Phone Call Away

Planning events is inherently unpredictable, and nothing is more valuable than the ability to adapt quickly. With Cory’s, you have the luxury of an extended team of professionals just a phone call away. Whether it’s last-minute equipment needs or technical troubleshooting, our onsite help ensures that you’re never in a bind.

view of an event in an oklahoma city hotel set up by Cory's onsite teamExtend Your Capabilities Without the Inventory Headache

One of the fantastic benefits of having an in-house AV partner is the access to additional or alternative equipment onsite. This allows your events and meetings to grow in scope without requiring a significant investment in AV inventory. Want to add a surprise element to an event? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Venue Expertise: We Know Your Space Like the Back of Our Hand

Over time, our team members become experts on your property, understanding both its strengths and limitations. This is invaluable when planning and executing events, as it allows us to maximize your venue’s potential while avoiding common pitfalls. Plus, we get to know your repeat clients and events, offering a level of personalized service that’s hard to match.

One Contact, From Sales to Operations

Navigating multiple contacts can be confusing for both clients and the internal team. Cory’s provides a fluid process with a single point of contact from sales to operations. Our Onsite AV Director integrates seamlessly into your team, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted customer journey without the need for additional payroll commitment on your end.

Added Revenue Without the Headache

In some cases, our partnership can offer an additional revenue stream for your property. It’s the kind of win-win situation that everyone dreams of and our clients attain.

Opting for an in-house AV partner like Cory’s brings a multitude of benefits that go beyond equipment and tech support. From unparalleled flexibility and venue expertise to a simplified, one-contact approach, Cory’s enhances not just your AV capabilities but also your overall guest experience.
So, why go it alone when you can elevate your services effortlessly with a trusted partner? Reach out to us today to learn more about how Cory’s can bring value to your hotel venue.

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