Dolese Bros Case Study


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Dolese Bros Case Study

Dolese Bros Case Study

For over a century, Dolese Bros. Co. has provided the products used to build the world around us. 

Their new building that showcases exactly what they do best– concrete. 


While concrete makes beautiful, strong buildings, it creates a challenging environment for technology installations. 

In addition, the project faced COVID, labor, supply chain, and weather challenges.


The building is unique and Dolese’s team needed a flexible, forward-thinking approach. 

  • Meeting room tools
  • Room reservation systems 
  • Sound masking 
  • Projection 
  • Digital signage
  • Conference automation and controls 
  • Innovative design 

Cory’s stepped in to work with the client and their architect and faced the challenges together.

To keep the timelines moving, custom testing and extra safety protocols were in place. 


As a result, Dolese reports the communication between teams is more efficient and more organic than ever. 

Despite the open concept, unique building materials, and flexible timelines, the building is a beacon of innovation in Oklahoma City.

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