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Digital Command Centers — Benefits and Best Practices

By Abby Wolfe

Real-Time Communication and Immediate Information Through Command Center Technology

Do you need or have a digital command center? Not all information moves at the same speed. Businesses who rely on immediate data know this all too well. The speed in which some teams collaborate, collect, and communicate can save lives and keep important infrastructure in place. It falls far beyond Monday morning meetings and monthly check-ins, which means that it is beyond critical that these businesses can trust the technology used to communicate data.

Some businesses operate around the clock like healthcare, utilities, and emergency response systems. Command centers are at the heart of operations. Beyond these industries, more and more news media and marketing/public relations agencies as well as IT service companies are seeing the benefits of digital information centers. If done correctly, these systems make operations more efficient and effective for the industries they serve.

Critical. Fast. Collaborative.

What is the purpose of a digital information center?

Put simply, digital information centers are dedicated spaces for collaboration and decision making that organize and expedite the flow of information. Displaying real-time data digitally allows businesses to mine valuable insights. 

What are the immediate and long term benefits of digital command centers?

  • Digitally tracking analytics
  • Responsive data
  • Interactive visualizations of data
  • Success and opportunity showcasing
  • Data intelligence 
  • Narrow response times
  • Chaotic information organization
  • Flexibility and speed 
  • Wide distribute of content 
  • Separates silos
  • Social listening
  • Efficient delegation

For some businesses, organizations, and various operations, these benefits mean…. money. For others, these benefits mean life or death to the people they serve.

What are signs your existing digital command or information center needs an upgrade?

The two most obvious indicators that a system needs an upgrade are the amount of time your team is spending managing the information system and center and how flexible it can become to serve your organization for (at least) the next five years. 

Time is Money

Technology, especially designated to serve real-time information, should work for you and not against your operation. Accordingly, researchers with Robert Half Technology say that workers report losing an average of 22 minutes per workday due to issues related to technology. 

The bottom line is that if your digital command center isn’t making your team more efficient and saving time, it isn’t serving its purpose. This would be a great indicator it is time to reach out to a technology partner like Cory’s.


The flexibility of use of a digital command center is a great indicator of how it is serving your purpose (or future purposes). For example, can the displays show multiple pieces of content, can they be merged together to focus on something during a particular time, can they be divided further during times of crisis or emergency? However, the setup of information and content distribution is only one way a digital center should be flexible. 

Furthermore, flexibility in control and systematic distribution can help relay important information throughout a building or operation. Command centers can and should function as a part of a digital signage ecosystem that can reach executive, call centers, waiting rooms, etc. with specific information designated for particular areas and audiences.

What technology should be used in digital command centers?

Communication technology partners like Cory’s can make recommendations on the types of technology, control, platforms, and capabilities needed to reach your goals to communicate quickly and effectively. 

That being said, organizations typically display between 4 and 14 screens, depending on the size of their team, the depth of their analytics, and the size of the space. Our team can help determine the best display software that is easy to update or connect to existing platforms. An important part of the system is the control and programming aspect of the project and its distribution.

While you may have identified your business or organization needs a digital information sharing center, getting started can feel like a large task. It is best to rely on professionals who can maximize your investment to work for you in ways you may not have on your radar.

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