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Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits Case Study

The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits works diligently to support the state’s 5,000 nonprofit organizations by offering training, consulting, advocacy and networking. When they started a major renovation on a 31,000-square-foot building, they pledged to provide their members a state-of-the-art facility – a place to learn, co-work, and host meetings all at no cost.

Their new building, in Oklahoma City’s Innovation District along N. Lincoln Blvd., would serve as their headquarters and needed a modern solution for their AV technology. The Center hosts hundreds of people, and using random equipment they’d acquired over the years was not practical anymore. Their request was simple: Give our members the opportunity to increase their capacity to make a bigger difference in Oklahoma.


In their new headquarters, the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits needed up-to-date AV technology that didn’t require a technician on site to operate. The Center also wanted to improve their current system to be able to offer better videoconferencing, remote training and more.

Nonprofit organizations usually run on a tight budget in order to make the best use of their donors’ resources, and that means having the best technology is not always a priority. Many of the Center’s members live and work outside of metro areas. Giving them a space to meet when they are in Oklahoma City as well as the capabilities to attend trainings and meetings virtually would help make members’ work easier and have more impact.


One of the major projects was the first floor training rooms that could be broken into three rooms or used as one big room, holding about 300 people. Because of the possibility for a large number of people, multiple displays were installed. The front room of the three had two 98” displays, a ceiling microphone, eight ceiling speakers and three PTZ cameras. Two cameras were mounted above the front display to show the audience and the other camera was mounted in the back of the room to show the presenter. The cameras were programmed to follow the speaker, making it hands-off for those in charge of events.

The two other training rooms included two 85” displays, a ceiling microphone, six ceiling speakers and two PTZ cameras.

Each of the rooms were equipped with a lavalier and handheld microphones, and web conferencing capabilities were installed using Barco Clickshare. The rooms also received a 7” easy-to-use touch panel that allows the system to be used as three separate rooms or all together.

In four other conference rooms, Cory’s Spaces installed a 65” display with a soundbar attached and a built-in camera. Each display is controlled by a MXNet auto switcher for two sources with a QSC touch panel. One of those sources includes a wireless conferencing unit that will allow any laptop to easily connect to the system. Web conferencing is also possible in these rooms using Barco Clickshare.

All the technology is intuitive and was thoughtfully chosen so that anyone could operate the system.


The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits’ new technology has made it possible for their members to connect more efficiently and easier.

“The system is so fully integrated and intuitive that it allows us to meet in a hybrid environment that extends an excellent collaborative experience to those meeting in person and those meeting virtually,” said Dr. Matthew Scraper, Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits Chief Operating Officer. “The quality of the sound, video, and displays make it possible for us to focus on our shared mission.”

Cory’s continues its work with the Center for Nonprofits through preventative maintenance and training new employees on how to use the technology.

“The team at Cory’s has been fantastic to work with! From the design phase through installation, they’ve been with us every step of the way. I would highly recommend them,” said Scraper.

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