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Science Museum Oklahoma’s Science Live

Enhancing Science Education through AV Renovation

Science Museum Oklahoma, a hands-on science museum and one of the largest science museums in the nation, faced a significant challenge with its dated auditorium. Cory’s Spaces was tasked with helping to transform the theater space into a modern, multifunctional venue for use of their daily performance of Science Live and events beyond. Collaborating with sponsor Oklahoma Gas & Electric, the goal was not only to revitalize the auditorium for their regular program Science Live but also to create a versatile space for various events and rentals.


The aging auditorium was becoming a limiting factor for Science Museum Oklahoma, affecting attendance and diminishing the impact of one of their flagship programs, Science Live. Cory’s faced a few challenges, including a construction timeline aligned with the museum’s Spring Break launch, and the unique concrete design of the walls, which posed obstacles for installing sound panels and LED walls.



Cory’s initiated the transformation with a comprehensive sound system upgrade. By rewiring and strategically positioning speakers and subs, they achieved optimal audio distribution. The use of Electro-Voice speakers and subwoofers, along with eight Sennheiser wireless microphones, ensured high-quality sound reproduction. The visuals of the hanging speaker line arrays were reduced from five on each side to three. The subwoofers were also added to the speaker clusters to help reduce clutter on the stage.  

Using the QSYS Core control the crisp sound was able to travel the long distance of the auditorium without diminishing quality. Moreover, 98 Perdue Acoustics sound panels were meticulously installed to address acoustic challenges and enhance the auditory experience.


The introduction of two LA 180 Maxhub Walls revolutionized the visual aspect of the auditorium. The walls reduced install time and now highlight the Museum’s fun and modern video content as well as IMAG (live camera feed) on the screens for those seated toward the back. Integrated with four Lumens cameras, including a long-range camera, three lipstick-style overhead demonstration cameras, and a streaming device with PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) controller, the system now provides dynamic video content. 

An AVProEdge switcher facilitates switching between multiple content sources, enabling a rich production experience for the audience of science-loving kids and adults. Additionally, the museum can now stream in three different locations like Youtube, Facebook, and their website, expanding Science Live’s reach.


Cory’s Spaces implemented a sophisticated lighting system to illuminate the stage effectively, both for cameras and live attendees. Utilizing Elation NX1 console for four lighting positions, they achieved optimal stage illumination with customizable effects by the 40 Elation fixtures illuminating back light, stage wash, fill lighting, and gobo capabilities to add character to the performance stage. The system’s scalability, with control over eight universes and more input/output, ensure adaptability for diverse events and productions in the space.


The collaboration between Science Museum Oklahoma and Cory’s has already yielded remarkable outcomes. The renovated auditorium now serves as a dynamic space, accommodating not only Science Live but also a myriad of events and rentals. 

The improved sound, video, and lighting systems have elevated the quality of productions, enhancing visitor experiences, and attracting larger daily audiences. Attendance for Science Live reflects the success of the renovation project and the museum’s commitment to innovation in science education.

Through meticulous planning and innovative solutions, Cory’s Spaces successfully played a part in revitalizing Science Museum Oklahoma’s auditorium, transforming it into a hub for scientific exploration and high-caliber entertainment. The project exemplifies the power of technology in enhancing educational spaces for STEM and enriching community experiences– something near and dear to the team at Cory’s Spaces. 

As Science Museum Oklahoma continues to evolve, its renovated auditorium stands as a testament to the enduring partnership between Cory’s and Science Museum Oklahoma, as well as highlighting the museum’s dedication to inspiring curiosity and discovery.

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