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Communication Changes Quickly. Is Your Business Ready?

By Abby Wolfe

The way your business communicates can change in an instant.

Picture this. The year is 2017. Your team needs to hold a quick meeting about something pressing for your business. Your business communication center  (aka: your conference room) is armed with a system installed in 2015 that is fired up to begin the in-person meeting around the table. 

This was the world of business when conferencing systems were put into place to function for a different way of communication. Command centers TVS and displays

Now heading into 2023, it is difficult to find a working environment centered around a conference table, face to face. Now, remote work, hybrid schedules, and even the pace of business communication has changed. Business communication is faster than ever! 

Yet two years after the pandemic shift, most businesses still don’t have the tools they need to communicate effectively in this not-so-new-anymore environment. But even if your business hasn’t fully subscribed to a hybrid style of communication, your customers and vendors have. Why is that important?

Getting left behind with poor communication costs money. 

Researchers with Robert Half Technology say that workers report losing an average of 22 minutes per workday due to issues related to technology. If you’re getting out your calculator, we can go ahead and tell you that it equals over 2 weeks of lost individual productivity per year. If your company has more than 26 employees, you could be losing an entire staff member’s time. Yikes!

And if your business has gone hybrid, but it doesn’t quite seem to make meetings more productive? We have a checklist for your business on the basics needed for a lean, efficient hybrid communication.

Beyond just hybrid abilities, company podcasts, integrated scheduling features, and interactive cameras are seeing an increase in business communication technology. Hybrid conference center solutions

Does your company rely on instant data? 

Command centers are also becoming an integral part of companies’ strategies for instant communication. This is the case with utility companies, emergency response teams, IT service companies, and businesses where the speed of communication matters most. Often the amount of real-time information a team can have is limited to the technology serving your business. Command centers can help bring the important real-time information to the surface. 

Establishing a command center that serves your place of business can feel overwhelming and the team at Cory’s can find the right solution to deliver the right kind of content, integrate into your existing or new systems, and ensure your business is ready for nearly anything. 

Our team is here to help bring you into this new era of communication and beyond, as we have for businesses over the last 70 years. It doesn’t cost anything to call or click the link below. 

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Command centers can help serve real-time information to your business.

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