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Combating Supply Chain Issues the Cory’s Way

By Abby Wolfe

Supply chain issues are plaguing so many industries, but in an industry like communication technology, it is particularly challenging. Why so complicated? The fact that the majority of supplies for the industry hail from overseas and the changing nature of technology needs in the last two years have caused quite a stir in trying to get quick solutions to communication issues in business. 

While it was impossible to see the pandemic coming and its influence on the market, Cory’s has learned some lessons in adapting quickly and serving longtime clients. 

And while we cannot wish the supply issues away, we can pivot. This will be necessary because experts predict the supply chain disruptions and imbalances will be present well into 2022.

45% of economists agree that these challenges will still be causing headaches well into the second half of the year. 

So what are the lessons learned from this Oklahoma-based communication technology integrator

Temporary solutions can relieve headaches. 

Unique to companies like Cory’s who are experts in both permanent installed technology AND temporary event-based rentals, portions of the designed systems can be installed while some of the remaining technology can be rented for immediate needs. 

Example: A church is awaiting a full-system installation that includes projection, controls, sound, and lighting. While the projectors, screens, control panels, and sound system has arrived, lights are back-ordered for another two months. Meanwhile, the church is hosting their annual Easter celebration. 

A company with a diversified product offering can step in to rent lighting fixtures as a temporary solution with the same great results for a memorable Easter service. 

Rebalancing inventory processes can allow quick pivots. 

Beyond looking for other manufacturers for similar products, Cory’s is taking further steps to research new manufacturers, new technologies, and new ways to achieve results. Purchasing professionals are working around the clock to shop vendors, secure discounts for clients, and negotiate on behalf of deadlines. Furthermore, companies who belong to alliances like @PSNI, can initiate trades with fellow integration companies to secure the best in audio visual and business communication technology.
Example: Despite the purchasing department’s best efforts in research and negotiations, no manufacturer or vendor can supply an important touch screen display for a conference room. Because of the relationships built in the PSNI Alliance, Cory’s can reach an integrator who has three in their inventory, trading for excess inventory in the warehouse. 

Communication lightens the blow to schedules and budgets.

With a brand value like “HONESTY,” companies like Cory’s believe in transparency from the start. Before systems are signed, clients know of current back orders, potential timelines, and possible delays before signing a contract, and especially before scheduling an installation. This allows clients to plan appropriately, set expectations for the project, and eliminates the recurring charges from returning back to the job site multiple times with partial installations. 

The results of this large supply chain disruption aren’t all bad. Economists believe that the after-effects can include more expectations for resiliency in supply chains, better data on logistics, and smarter technology to aid in automation and optimization. After the dust settles, they think we will be left with a more predictable, more flexible, and more competitive structure for moving products in our country. 

In the meantime, clients needing permanent technology solutions are advised to find a partner who is working to pivot and still reach the goals of their business, like the team at Cory’s. 

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