Cory’s Live: OG&E Annual Awards Celebration 2022 Case Study

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Oklahoma Gas & Electric’s Drive-In Awards Celebration 2022

OG&E Annual Celebration 2022

Joining together as one team doesn’t always mean being together in one room. OG&E and Cory’s found an innovative way to celebrate their annual awards, socially distance, and deploy multiple drive-in broadcast locations bringing their teams across the region safely together at the same time. 


With safety as a top concern, OG&E stopped at nothing to keep their teams safe throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. With spikes in reported cases still of concern, Oklahoma’s largest electric company wanted to continue to celebrate important milestones and awards without putting their critical teams at risk for illness. 

After many years of producing the in-person OG&E Awards Banquet, Cory’s knew how important the night was to OG&E teams in OKC and throughout the region to feel celebrated for their achievements and without losing momentum created by the special event every year.


Cory’s created an innovative way for OG&E’s “Big Orange” to join together in a safe, fun way with multiple drive-in locations around the region stretching from Oklahoma City to Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

Each location was equipped with a pre-recorded presentation, a large projection system, sound system, FM transmission, and safety-tested truss structures to act as a drive-in experience that could be experienced from inside vehicles or from a chair in the parking lot. 

Because safety is at the forefront for both OG&E and Cory’s, all locations were scouted, drawn, and tested before arriving on event day. Using OSHA guidelines and standards, each deployed production team was also armed with wind monitoring devices to ensure the truss structures and technology were abundantly safe for those in the area and for the integrity of the equipment. 


The result was five unique drive-in experiences where all OG&E employees, despite their location, tuned into their annual celebration with their families and coworkers. 

Each location was able to build excitement for the special evening and create fun engagement  for the multiple onsite teams, but with a joint feeling created with a unifying broadcasted message. 

Because of the success of the event, OG&E continues to use this format for their annual event celebration, creating a chance for their staff to enjoy an evening under the stars together.

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