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A New Look at Cory’s

By Abby Wolfe

70 Years of Customer-Friendly, High Quality Solutions

To many Oklahoma businesses, Cory’s is a household name for all things related to AV. For some, the name Cory’s means a longtime community-centered, Oklahoma business. For others, it means flexibility and friendly faces at events. For others, it means an integrity-forward team with a knack for delivering great work.

Whether you know us for events or installations, it is clear that the company is celebrating 70 years of business in Oklahoma. For years, you have seen “established: 1953” perched below our first owner Joseph A Cory’s signature in our logo.

As we are completing our 70th year, it is clear that the third-generation for Cory’s has seen great change, growth, and challenges. As a technology-centered company, it is fitting that the brand matches the experience of our clients.

When we asked our clients about their experience, the message was crystal clear. Our brand should reflect that special brand of Cory’s friendliness and reflect the trust of the family name. The brand visuals needed to be innovative, happy, and fun, much like how it feels to be on a job site with our team.

What’s more, Cory’s needed to better educate our potential clients and our current clients on the fact that we offer the most well-rounded AV services in our region with the multi-faceted offerings of rental, live event production, creative services, technology installations, system design, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and in-house partnerships. Much to our dismay, all of those services don’t really fit on a sign, a van, or a t-shirt.

This is why you will see Cory’s shift from a new logo and a new way of talking about our services with the sub-brands of Cory’s Spaces, Cory’s Onsite, and Cory’s Live.

We’re honored to continue serving our diverse client base with the same dedication and excellence that Oklahoma has come to expect from us. Our new brand is more than just a visual update; it’s a reflection of our ongoing journey to meet and exceed the expectations of those we serve.

Each of the sub-brands have different audiences, different priorities for our clients, and different AV technology applications.

breakdown chart of the Cory's brands

Cory’s Spaces

Cory’s Spaces designs and installs unique spaces where people can communicate more clearly with the right audio visual technology. With a goal of connecting people, Cory’s Spaces uses innovative solutions that break down barriers to make business easier. Transformed spaces include, but are not limited to, conference rooms, lobbies, houses of worship, exhibits, schools, restaurants, and more.

Cory’s Onsite

Cory’s Onsite is on your team, whether onsite or on call. Focused on connecting technology, Cory’s Onsite protects AV investments and efficiently grows AV capabilities. Always on call, the Cory’s Onsite crew maintains permanent integrated technology systems with preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. These services include systems Cory’s didn’t install.

In addition, in-house partnerships allow easy integration into your team to manage AV-related projects, event technology, and system maintenance without the extra expense of additional hiring. These partnerships are often found in hotels, convention centers, corporate offices, and other event venues.

Cory’s Live

Cory’s Live creates memorable moments by designing and executing the perfect event technology systems. With a priority on connecting experiences at events, Cory’s Live features an award-winning team of audio visual and creative event experts with access to a large inventory and creative services enhanced by technology. The main goal is to relieve stress for their clients while delivering engaging messages to their attendees.

Events include, but are not limited to, galas, conferences, meetings, festivals, sporting events, streaming, and more.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter at Cory’s, our heart and soul remain rooted in the values that have defined us for 70 years: unparalleled customer service and unwavering commitment to quality. Our rebranding is more than just a new look; it’s a reflection of our evolution and our promise to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. We’re thrilled to step into this future, carrying forward the legacy of excellence and the friendly, community-focused spirit that makes Cory’s unique.

Join us as we continue to set the standard in AV services, now with a fresh, modern identity that resonates with our clients and the dynamic industry we love. Thank you for being part of our journey – here’s to the next 70 years and beyond!

Watch the transition and the breakdown of the new brand here.


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