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4 Major Pitfalls of Booking Audio Visual Too Late for Your Event

By Abby Wolfe

Some events take years of planning and some can pop up in a matter of weeks. The timeline matters when booking your audio visual vendor which can make or break your budget, your plan, and your experience in the process. 

In the last 68 years, Cory’s has helped plan events of all sizes and scope. From the largest conferences to small fundraisers, our team has seen the event planning process through more than 65,000 times. 

You could say we have learned a thing or two about the timeline of event planning. Like it or not, it can be all too common for an audio visual provider to be brought into the plan a little later than expected. We are here to tell you why that may not be a good idea for your bottom line. 

To make it easy, our team narrowed down four of the major pitfalls you can face as an event planner by bringing in your audio visual partner too late in the game.

1. Price hikes and budget busters

Bringing in your audio visual team can save you money. Event vendors are designed to turn on a dime, but sometimes that can mean staffing and scheduling can cost more. Many companies also have budget incentives for booking far in advance. On the other hand, it helps audio visual companies (and other event vendors) to estimate inventory to ensure you get the very best for your budget.

Need help with your event budget? We have solutions for that too! 

2. Creativity

We highly suggest looking at your audio visual provider as a creative partner rather than just a technical provider. Why? They know about the latest trends in technology. They have seen just about everything when it comes to events. If you have a dream or a vision, that vision can be easily recreated with some lead time. Maybe your vision requires new technology or needs a demonstration? Lead time can help your crew be much more creative! You won’t ever be sorry for looping them in to help create your event dreams. 

3. Logistical & program snafus

Does your venue supply the right amount of power? Is there enough time between your presenters? Do you have the right room layout to properly experience the message you’re trying to convey? Last-minute logistical concerns not only cost you money, but they also create unnecessary headaches on an already-busy event day. Your audio visual team will see these concerns coming in advance if they know the plan before it happens. 

Social Tables also has a great list of basic event logistics to keep you on track.

4. Lack of availability

Do you love a certain caterer? Is there a florist you just have to have? The same goes for a quality event producer! By booking your audio visual provider in advance, you can ensure that your team on event day is the best in business for customer service and execution. That kind of trust is worth some advanced planning! 


There you have it. Now what do you do with that information? Give us a call! No event is too small or large to start planning now. Our team’s experience can help you navigate through logistics or even come up with an event vision you didn’t know you needed! 

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